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Marat Hasyanov
We ordered dark and light apricots for points. We liked the quality, appearance, they are well sorted. We will take!
Very good apricots, not doused with anything, natural and fresh.

Natural apricots wholesale

Difference between light-colored apricots and dark-colored apricots?

The color of apricots depends primarily on the variety of apricot, the amount of pulp on it, the skin (smooth or rough) and the method of drying. For example, dark apricots or «chocolate» apricots are less attractive than the orange apricots that everyone is used to, but they are usually dried in the sun without the use of technical equipment and additional components.

What does apricot jumbo mean?

Jumbo apricot is a type of apricot that is characterized by its large size when ripe. This type of apricots is grown in Turkey and the fruit is harvested at the last stage of its maturity. Due to this, this type of apricots is the most caloric, and the flavor is more pronounced due to the soft structure of the product.

What are the benefits of apricots?

All of us from childhood know and remember the same sunny apricots from which grandmothers cooked us pies, and mothers cooked delicious compotes in huge pots. But past the sweet and pronounced flavor, apricots have many useful and nutritious properties for our body.
Due to the high content of potassium and magnesium in its composition, regular consumption of apricots has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as on brain activity. Among other things is noted improvement in vision and by reducing cholesterol in the blood, reducing viscosity. Also apricots are rich in vitamins A, B and other useful elements.

What is the minimum to buy apricots in bulk?

For apricots as well as for other products presented on the site there are no restrictions for shipment. However, for wholesale purchase there is a minimum threshold for ordering: from 2 tons of any items from our catalog.
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