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Dried fruits wholesale

Dried fruits
Dried fruits
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What say about us

Purchasing Manager
A reliable supplier of dried fruit! We have been working with the company for a number of years, we don't plan to change, as everything is satisfactory in our work.
We appreciate our cooperation with the company! Dried fruits from Meva are always of high quality, the team works on conscience. Deliveries are always within the agreed timeframe and bonus discounts for volume.

Dried fruits wholesale from the manufacturer

Where is the dried fruit sourced from?

The main supplies of dried fruits from our assortment come from Turkey and China.

What are the benefits of dried fruit?

It is no secret that fruits are a source of many nutrients including vitamins and some minerals. However, the appearance of fruits on the shelves of our stores is very seasonal. This is not the case with dried fruits, which can be purchased at any time of the year and yes, they are as beneficial to the human body as fruits themselves.
Dried fruits are an excellent substitute for white sugar. They can be used in combination with various dishes from porridge for breakfast, to making a pie filled with apples and dried fruits.
High concentration of antioxidants and nutrients. An excellent product for a light but very nutritious snack that does not take up much space (especially important for schoolchildren and students).
Among other things, absolutely any dried fruit is a source of fiber, which certainly has a positive effect on the work of our intestines.

What's included in the lineup?

As a rule, Turkish dried fruits do not contain anything else besides dried fruit. The country is close enough to the central region and the short period of realization allows to do without additional products in the composition of dried fruit. And in the composition of dried fruits from China, acidity regulators (citric acid) are used for longer storage, as well as food colors for attractiveness and sulfur dioxide preservative.

Is there retail or can dried fruit only be bought in bulk?

We specialize in selling dried fruit only in bulk from the warehouse in Moscow with delivery throughout Russia. However, it is possible to purchase some items under the «Meva» trademark in retail on popular marketplaces.
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