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Purchasing Manager
We have been working with Meva for quite a long time. We started our cooperation with 2 items, today we work with almost the entire range, including wholesale purchases of nuts. There are no questions about the quality, the goods are selected, the calibers match the description in the price list.
We buy nuts in bulk from Meva for a network of retail outlets. We are happy with everything, we definitely recommend cooperation!

Nuts wholesale from the manufacturer

Why do you need to eat nuts?

Nuts are an important part of the diet of modern man. This product is one of the most useful, and it has no restrictions in consumption, except for the rare allergy to some types of nuts. Moreover, the product is included in the lists and recommendations of many nutritionists and specialists in the field of healthy and beneficial nutrition. However, one should not forget about the measure of nut consumption. For example, it is recommended to eat no more than 50 grams of any nut per day.
The main property for all types of nuts is a strong antioxidant effect, as well as vascular-strengthening. In general, the product is quite caloric, when consumed there is a quick feeling of satiety, which in turn has a positive effect on problems with excess weight.
More nuts have a very broad consumer base. They are used as an additive in healthy breakfasts. I also buy them for a quick snack and for various confectionery products.
Walnut is a product that will always be in demand, and fresh and high-quality, as in the company Meva, even more so. We invite to cooperation with wholesale buyers of nuts for every taste.

What countries do you source your nuts from?

Due to the wide geographical distribution of the nut, supplies are made from all corners of the world where this product grows. Our assortment includes items from Vietnam, China, Peru, South Africa, Chile, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. All nuts undergo quality control by our managers from the place where it grows, further collection and up to packing.

Where can I buy nuts in Moscow?

You can apply for prices on our website, through the form, or by phone. You can also come to us and try any nut before buying a large batch. We are located in the Food City market.
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