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Customer reviews

Buyer from Ozon
I have a big sweet tooth, so I love baklava! I sampled the assortment of 600 gr. Having a lot of experience, where I have never tried it and considering that it is ours, it is not bad. It's very good. I would rate it 4+, because I have something to compare it with, but it is certainly not perfect.

Delicious traditional baklava

Baklava wholesale

There are many variants and ways of preparing the filling, but the basis is always the same, it is of course the dough, thin and puffed, soaked in sweet syrup with nut filling inside. Baklava is probably the sweetest and juiciest treat, which can't be replaced by any other sweet. We offer natural baklava for retail and wholesale customers, prepared according to the classic recipe.

Buy baklava wholesale or retail

Our company specializes in wholesale baklava, but it can also be bought and retail, under the brand name Meva on the marketplaces.

Do you deliver to the CIS?

We deliver to the CIS on an individual basis after calculating the cost and agreeing all conditions with the manager. All our products are accompanied by the necessary documents certifying their quality.

At whose expense is the delivery made?

Delivery is carried out at the expense of the client after agreement on the route and method of delivery. Minimum volume for delivery in Moscow within the MKAD - from 2x tons.

Do you have cashless payment?

You can pay in any convenient way for you - we provide both cashless and cash payment.
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