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Brazilian nut

Brazilian nut
Brazilian nut
Dried fruits
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What say about us

We periodically buy wholesale Brazil nuts from Meva. We are quite satisfied with the quality of the nuts, freshness and clean packaging, without husks and other debris.

Brazil nut wholesale

Could there be an alternative to meat?

Brazil nuts can replace meat in terms of protein and fat content. This type of nut contains selenium, which reduces the risk of certain types of cancer. It also contains a large number of other elements that are beneficial to our body. However, there is also some danger in consumption. It is recommended to eat no more than 2-3 nuts per day, then nothing dangerous to expect.

Brazil nut from the manufacturer

We invite to cooperation with wholesale buyers of Brazil nut, who appreciate the high and selected quality of the product, timely deliveries on time and flexible pricing policy in respect of regular customers. In the presence of 3 calibers of Brazil nut and Peru in packing of 20 kg.

Do you deliver to the CIS?

We deliver to the CIS on an individual basis after calculating the cost and agreeing all conditions with the manager. All our products are accompanied by the necessary documents certifying their quality.

At whose expense is the delivery made?

Delivery is carried out at the expense of the client after agreement on the route and method of delivery. Minimum volume for delivery in Moscow within the MKAD - from 2x tons.

Do you have cashless payment?

You can pay in any convenient way for you - we provide both cashless and cash payment.
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