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Good cashews and at a nice price. Clean, whole, no questions about the quality!

Cashews are an expensive but very healthy nut!

Wholesale peeled cashews

The main feature of this nut is that it contains antioxidants that protect our body from harmful molecules, so-called free radicals, which damage our healthy cells. Cashews also contain unsaturated fatty acids, which together prevent the body from early aging. In short, cashews should be consumed to prolong your youth!
However, the high cost of the nut is not only due to its useful and unique properties, but primarily in the peculiarities of both the fruit itself and the complexity of its collection. Nevertheless, Meva Company offers its customers selected cashew nuts at attractive wholesale prices from the manufacturer.

Country of origin of cashews?

Cashew nuts are supplied from Vietnam in raw and peeled form. The product is packed in boxes of 22 kg. This type of nut is also available in three grades from WW180 to WW320.

Wholesale supplies of cashews throughout Russia

Our managers will promptly process your order and after assembly will transfer it to delivery in the shortest possible time. A system of discounts is provided for regular customers.
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