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The hazelnuts are selected, large and clean, without any unnecessary debris, as sometimes happens. We buy for a chain of restaurants, the price is quite satisfactory, but for us the quality of the hazelnuts matters first and foremost. We recommend the company "Meva" for cooperation!

Hazelnuts wholesale

What is the power of hazelnuts?

All the power of the nut, in its beneficial properties! In Russia, hazelnut has always been called, hazelnut. It was brought to us from Asia and spread almost all over the southern and European part of the continent. But given the climatic conditions of our regions, hazelnuts are no match for those brought from hotter countries.
Hazelnuts are considered a «treasure trove» of vitamins. It contains a large number of vitamins and minerals that are useful for both women and men. Iron, potassium, calcium, fluorine, zinc - this is only a small part of useful and important elements in the nut. Among other things hazelnuts are rich in iodine necessary for a large number of inhabitants of our country.
Учитывая сравнительно не высокую стоимость, орех всегда пользуется большим спросом!

What country is the shipment from?

The main supplier of hazelnuts is Turkey, but our assortment includes hazelnuts from the more southern region of Azerbaijan. The hazelnuts are delivered already peeled and have 3 size options to choose from. It is packed in boxes weighing 25 kg.

We invite you to cooperate

Our company has been on the market for a long time and having a lot of experience we know what is important for the wholesale buyer, what he pays attention to. We meet all these needs to maintain productive and mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers.
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